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“Coaching with Mike has been crucial in shifting my mindset from thinking I had no opportunities to actually realising I had more opportunities than I knew what to do with! He’s a one man coach/ mentor/ therapist/ knowledgeable friend/ guide who tailors his coaching to each individual.  He works with you to help you understand yourself, your strengths and your goals and is there to support you when you start on this new and exciting journey.  And, an additional benefit, not to be underestimated - he's also great fun to work with. I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from Mike’s coaching, I would recommend that you book a session!”

- Private Coaching Client



"The course was engaging. Mike was inspirational and completely changed my perception of presentations.


"Fantastic course, a massive confidence builder."


- Presentation Skills Course Feedback


Mike, I want to congratulate you!


After your course yesterday, I changed my delivery and presentation to an end client this morning.

The flood gates opened and another load of opportunity was put on my lap and we got a £23000 order just like that! The total value of the business is worth approx 150 - 200k this year!

What an excellent result!


-Salesman, Medium Size Manufacturer


"You can now officially add me to your success statistics, I've got a job! Thanks again, I’ve learned so much going through this process and with the help and guidance you have given me, I'll be much more confident going in to interviews in the future."

- Private Coaching Client



"Mike delivered an EXCEPTIONAL personal training session over two days for the SEVEN team on ‘creating and delivering an effective presentation, overcoming the nerves associated with public speaking in general, and using confident communications in a sales environment.'


Mike not only displayed a unique insight into how to create an effective presentation but also enthused each team member into believing in themselves to deliver an excellent presentation.


Thank you Mike."

- Lead SAP Consultant Aerospace & Defence



Excellent. Mike says he’s the best presentation trainer in Europe and after spending two days with him, I believe him. World Class.

- Company Director, Consultancy Firm


Morning Mike,


Just to let you know that I got the teaching job! I start training in September! Thanks again for your help, really made a difference.


- Probationary Teacher. Success first time with me after a number of previous failed interviews


"The one to one sessions I had with Mike were a crucial part of building the confidence I needed to get the dream job I wanted. I couldn't have done it without him!"

 - Consultant Aneasthetist NHS



"I really enjoyed and benefited from just a few short hours working with Mike on issues that I was aware of, and others that only came to light as we explored!  Mike led a personal and a team development around speaking skills, and I know the whole group benefited and enjoyed the work. Whilst some were very nervous, they would all feedback how expertly Mike handled their anxiety and everyone visibly improved in delivery and confidence.


I was also fortunate to work with Mike on personal development and leadership relating to my current and future role. I found Mike supportive, appropriately challenging, entertaining, sympathetic and very expert. The value in the time we spent was the endorsement, the challenge but also the rapid appreciation of the context and the shared consideration of the way forward. The sessions were very helpful, and in the current financially challenging times I feel that Mike rapidly got up to speed and began paying back the investment.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Mike to all my colleagues."

 - Public Health Director NHS



"A very interesting course and I am sure I will use the information gained to help me in all areas."

 - Main board, Private company £30M turnover Consultancy/Training



"Extremely knowledgable about the subject area. Quickly assessed our 'deficiencies' and gave us a structured approach to address them. Lots of great anecdotes!"



"Hugely interesting and challenging. Exposed a number of our weaknesses and has already influenced our behaviour."



"I enjoyed the fact that Mike was "at ease" in his delivery from man on the street through to CEO level - could relate to his delivery! Excellent trainer."



"I thoroughly enjoyed the hands on approach, it keeps you fully involved. I liked the fact that a lot of the course was role play and the hands on approach and interaction was perfect. It has built up my confidence to run projects. All in all very good. Mike is a very engaging trainer; the days flew by and a lot was covered."  



"I feel that the sessions have enlightened me - can't wait for the next one Mike"

 - Global Comms Director



"The training was great and 'moved' my mind again."

 - DE Finance Director Major PLC



"Thanks Mike - the course was inspirational"

 - JJ Managing Director Large Privately Owned Company



"A very well run course - it was a pleasure to attend. Good mix of learning & humour"

 - Project Management course CD Finance Manager Housing Association



"Interactive & Entertaining - hard work!"

 - DF Senior Finance Analyst, Housing Assoc.



"Mike is a great guy"

 - GJ Driving Performance Instructor



"Fantastic Content, Fantastic Tutor."

 - ML Dairy Gold



"I dont know how you worked miracles, but miracle it was and I really couldn't have done it without you. You helped me do something I previously thought was impossible".

 - VN Private Client



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