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Sales, Marketing & Commercial skills

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This one day course offers an excellent introduction to the basics of selling. It will successfully support and develop basic sales skills, deliver knowledge of selling techniques, develop skills and competencies and develop personal strategies to effectively improve selling skills and sales awareness.

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Basics of Selling

MSA offers an extensive range of sales, marketing and commercial skills development. We have included a sample of popular training courses below. We also regularly develop and deliver bespoke courses and programmes for groups, teams and individuals up to senior executive and board level. If you have specific requirements you would like to discuss, please contact us and we will tailor a programme to your needs.

This two day programme will build on existing sales skills and provide attendees with a comprehensive tool-kit and knowledge base to considerable improve their sales skills, awareness and confidence.


By the end of the two day course, delegates will have analysed the strengths and weaknesses of their present selling style, be able to describe the typical customer needs, understand the key behaviours required with customers, have a framework for planning sales visits, will have frequently practised using the skills, will have objectively measured their performance compared with peers, and created an Action Plan for continued development of the skills after the programme.

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Intermediate Sales Skills

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To discuss any of our services in more detail or to develop your own unique training, coaching or consultancy programme please contact us today.

This programme is designed for those in a client-facing role who wish to develop their skills past the level of normal customer sales and account management.


Delegates will leave the programme will a clear understanding of how to build strong and long lasting client relationships through quality communication skills and strategic sales planning. The programme will also stress to delegates that successful consultative sales people need to be skilled in many areas of business development ranging from possessing sound business acumen and market knowledge to excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to problem solve at an advanced level.

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Advanced Consultative Sales Skills

This is an advanced level of negotiation, mainly for employees who have had some experience or training in negotiation. The one or two day course will give attendees who have several years work experience, the opportunity to learn and practice skills which will enable them to better manage their personal negotiation styles. Through the process of review, and through the application of the techniques learned, the individual and the organisation will achieve improved outcomes in negotiations, better terms and conditions in contracts and overall improvements in the professionalism of their negotiation teams.

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Advanced Negotiation Skills

Creative Problem Solving snapshot

Solving problems is the ultimate human challenge and we all approach  them in our own unique way. Our personality, our training and our experience all subtly direct our problem solving abilities in different ways. Are we even solving the right problem?


Our Creative Problem Solving programmes are designed to significantly enhance business potential by improving innovation and creativity capabilities in the workplace. Attendees are shown how to think in different ways, utilise external experiences and come up with amazing insights into problem resolution.

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Creative Problem Solving

In difficult times, it is down to the sales team to increase turnover. Often that needs a significant change of behaviour and approach. But where to begin?


The MSA sales skills development programmes are designed to provide the tools, tactics and know-how to anyone who is in a customer facing sales role to drive the business forward and deliver tangible results.


Suitable for sales teams, business owners, directors, managers, sales, marketing & customer-facing departments, the programmes can be delivered on a 1-2-1 or group basis from beginner to an advanced strategic level.


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Brilliant Sales

Brilliant Sales

Marketing is critical to every business and yet it can be neglected, under valued and ineffective. Why? Marketing teams sometimes allow marketing to drop below the strategic into the purely tactical.


The MSA marketing skills development programmes are designed to give you the tools, tactic and know-how to design and implement a strategic marketing approach that will help to drive the business forward and deliver tangible results.


Suitable for business owners, directors, managers, sales, & marketing departments, the programmes can be delivered on a 1-2-1 or group basis from beginner to an advanced strategic level.


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Brilliant Marketing

Brilliant Marketing