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So, Blogging isn't my thing.

By mikesullivan2, Aug 2 2013 01:39PM

As you can see, I dont regularly blog (annually blog, is that still blogging?).

Most of my work is confidential and covered by privacy agreements but there's so much to learn from it. This is what you get when I coach you or consult in your business. Experience. Wide and extensive experience.

Some 'big observations' for you to consider, in no particular order and referencing no particular client or organisation. General observations of life and business.

Businesses are failing to capitalise on market opportunities by not expecting more from their staff. Senior guys who don't show leadership, courage and boldness in the face of change need supporting, pushing and challenging in equal measures.

Individuals need support in areas where they have weakness. With support one company's failing employee can become another company's star performer. I see it happen. I make it happen.

Businesses need more leaders. They need better decisions. They need proper market intelligence. They sadly get little of any of these.

Individuals need to overcome reservations, shyness is a crippling ailment. It can be overcome. With support.

Presentations - dont get me started on this. My classes are sold out around the world but I'm one person - and Powerpoint is everywhere. Enough guys. Close it off, and talk directly to your prospects, to your customer and to your staff. Technology will NEVER influence or motivate anyone. Stand and deliver with heart and passion and conviction and you'll win through every time.

I will try and detail these more in the next few weeks.

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