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By mikesullivan2, Aug 2 2013 01:39PM

As you can see, I dont regularly blog (annually blog, is that still blogging?).

Most of my work is confidential and covered by privacy agreements but there's so much to learn from it. This is what you get when I coach you or consult in your business. Experience. Wide and extensive experience.

Some 'big observations' for you to consider, in no particular order and referencing no particular client or organisation. General observations of life and business.

Businesses are failing to capitalise on market opportunities by not expecting more from their staff. Senior guys who don't show leadership, courage and boldness in the face of change need supporting, pushing and challenging in equal measures.

Individuals need support in areas where they have weakness. With support one company's failing employee can become another company's star performer. I see it happen. I make it happen.

Businesses need more leaders. They need better decisions. They need proper market intelligence. They sadly get little of any of these.

Individuals need to overcome reservations, shyness is a crippling ailment. It can be overcome. With support.

Presentations - dont get me started on this. My classes are sold out around the world but I'm one person - and Powerpoint is everywhere. Enough guys. Close it off, and talk directly to your prospects, to your customer and to your staff. Technology will NEVER influence or motivate anyone. Stand and deliver with heart and passion and conviction and you'll win through every time.

I will try and detail these more in the next few weeks.

By mikesullivan2, Feb 15 2012 05:14PM

Hundreds of businesses fail every week as the economy fails to re-ignite...

Yours does not have to be one of them!

You will see on TV the rise of programmes where a specialist ‘fixes’ a family firm or a well known national brand. The cause of the problems at the heart of the business are apparent to a skilled outsider, but invisible and therefore unsolvable to the owners.

We offer that set of expert eyes.

We do not flinch from saying what needs to be said.

We offer personal support and coaching to get through difficulties.

We offer very flexible terms – struggling businesses are not cash rich.

Our expertise covers retail, manufacturing, science, IT, Professional Services and much more.

Don't allow your business to fail. Small or large, it needs to survive.

Use the MSA Business Survival Techniques service.

Contact us for an informal chat and find out what we can do for you on 0845 8385429.

By mikesullivan2, Jan 19 2012 03:46PM

The team here at MSA has had a great start to 2012 and is now actively involved in the design and delivery of a bespoke programme for a major law firm.

We are delighted to have won a significant contract to deliver a major change programme to this leading legal firm. During the course of the year, the legal firm's team of European Attorneys will take part in an intensive training academy, extending their capabilities and personal skill levels significantly.

MSA has developed a bespoke programme for the company that incorporates a range of modules tailor-made to their requirements. Development topics include advanced versions of our communications skills, negotiation skills, networking, client relationship development, leadership and management skills programmes. As well as delivering group training, the programme aims to embed the newly learned skills into the operations of the organisation through extensive 1-2-1 coaching for every attendee, up to 30 lawyers.

Soft skills like “presentations” can generate really fun training days with lots of energy and enthusiasm; this can be lost when the trainees return to an unchanged work environment – often losing any potential return on investment for the training delivered. We track every attendee on a weekly basis over 9 months and put in place measures, reports and huge amounts of support to ensure the skills embed. Return on investment in training is not optional these days – and underpinning training with top level coaching guarantees ROI.

This promises to be a fantastic programme that will provide all attendees with an outstanding set of commercial tools, knowledge, new found confidence and motivation. This is a company committed to investing in its people... and it will in turn rapidly begin to reap the rewards. We are delighted to be at the very heart of the changes being made.

By mikesullivan2, Jan 10 2012 12:29PM

For those of you who missed our Christmas newsletter, find our more about what we got up to last year and what lies ahead for 2012:

By mikesullivan2, Sep 29 2011 04:49PM

Strategy - do you ever see one through from start to finish? Do they ever deliver?

Organisations, both Public Sector and Commercial, face unprecented challenges. Never before have so many change events occurred in such a short time frame. With 30 years experience across blue chip multi-nationals, Public sector and Private companies, we’ve seen a lot of strategies come and go. From that experience we’ve created a methodology to help you ensure successful delivery of your strategy.

We deliver this in the form of a two day residential or non-residential package. In-house training packages are also available.

This is an exceptional two day programme of forums and workshops that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to design and deliver the right strategy - taking you, your team and your company in an entirely new direction.

Launched at the IGD Leading Edge Annual Convention earlier this month, the programme is designed for all senior teams. Examples include:-

- Boards working on new approaches to transformed markets

- Management teams wanting to incorporate “a fresh pair of eyes” into their vision

- Teams working to improve & transform performance

- Product Marketing teams needing to plan innovation into a strategy

- Senior Management of County Councils & City Councils wrestling with a challenging reorganisation

When & Where?

A number of these two day programmes will take place during 2012 in London, Milton Keynes and other venues.

To register your interest or to obtain further details, please contact us on

0845 8385429 or e-mail

To download the programme flyer, please visit our website at:

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